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Worksman Port-O-Trike PT3CB 48V/10Ah 750W Folding Electric Trike


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Have a dependable day-by-day drive and a bicycle for open-air recreation with the Worksman Port-O-Trike Electric Bike! This beguiling three-wheel bicycle is the more select rendition of PTCB, then again, actually this model accompanies a three-speed liner brake center point. This depends on the renowned Port-O-Trike tricycle, and it accompanies an incredible engine and a cleverly planned collapsing outline ideal for metropolitan riders that is worth space and solace. Simply envision getting to your objective without the stress of falling over when riding bicycles!

Ride with certainty as this bicycle is exceptionally simple to ride for tasks and drive, and furthermore can promptly convey stuff. The Port-O-Trike can head out up to 18 miles on a solitary charge, so you can be more competent and have a dependable ride for the everyday schedule. Consider this a beefed-up youngsters’ trike! It is among the best electric trikes bicycles you can purchase. This electric street bicycle is ideally suited for understudies, mothers and fathers going to work, and metropolitan occupants.

The Worksman Port-O-Trike accompanies an amazing 500-watt electric center engine, which is ideal for its three-wheel arrangement and uses on metropolitan streets. The engine is introduced inside the front wheel center, giving the direct capacity to the ground. so It is the ideal ride for city driving and riding on soil ways. This arrangement shields the engine from the components and is precisely basic so the bicycle can quit utilizing differentials. The Worksman Port-O-Trike is accessible in a wonderful exhibit of shadings, including cranberry, electric blue, dashing red, shine dark, polar white, and others.

Numerous riders love the unrivaled security and handiness of three-wheel electric bicycles. Having three wheels on the ground implies you have less stress overbalance when riding. You can essentially ride and pedal your way of tutoring or work. Contrasted with numerous electric bicycles, the Worksman Port-O-Trike has some ‘torque’ that permits it to convey numerous things. The progression through casing and stature customizable handlebars make it agreeable and simple to ride even by fledglings.

In case you are searching for an amazing bicycle that you can use as an everyday workhorse, get the Worksman Port-O-Trike Electric Three Wheel Bike! It is an ideal bicycle on the off chance that you do a ton of driving and convey a ton of stuff. Contrasted with vehicles, electric bicycles are more helpful for movement and will get you there quicker. The city streets are brimming with shocks like potholes and stopped traffic, and you frequently need to go rough terrain to cut time in your drive. Hence, you should have a competent electric bicycle with first-class parts to manage those things.

The Port-O-Trike Three Wheel Bike is suggested for grown-ups and seniors for relaxation and utility. It is furnished with a choke and pedal help, so you can decide to travel easily or monitor the battery. It has a mind-blowing scope of around 18 miles, so an ideal bicycle won’t lose charge part of the way through your drive. Get around traffic and wander the city. Buy the Worksman Port-O-Trike Electric Bike here at Electric Bike Paradise!

The Worksman Port-O-Trike PT3CB Electric Bike is a fantastic decision in case you are searching for a tough bicycle for going to work or school. This bicycle accompanies an amazing engine ideal for its three wheels. Also, it accompanies a collapsing outline for simplicity of capacity. The bicycle additionally accompanies a huge freight box on the back intended for conveying freight. This bicycle is enthusiastically suggested as a utility for business purposes, conveyance for little excursions, and a ride in the city or rural areas.

The Worksman PT3CB Electric Bike is outfitted with a 48-volt, 500-watt electric engine that has the greatest yield of 750 watts, giving the bicycle ability to convey freight and travel on harsh streets. The engine is inside the front center point engine, straightforwardly driving the front wheel. Furthermore, this model accompanies a three-speed center that permits extra stuff choices for more force, as if there should be an occurrence of going uphill. This arrangement is precisely basic and dependable. This three-wheeler is appropriate for riders weighing under 225 lbs.

The Port-O-Trike three-wheel electric bicycle has a scope of around 18 miles (28.9 kilometers) contingent upon the heaviness of the rider, the landscape, and the utilization of help. This bicycle has a sufficient reach to keep going for a day. Simply charge and utilize the bicycle for your drive, and return without agonizing over the battery. The Worksman Port-O-Trike Electric bicycle is the ideal day-by-day ride to work or school, and you can utilize it for tasks and for relaxation. This model has a 48-volt lithium-particle 10 ah battery pack.

The Worksman PT3CB three-wheel bicycle accompanies a foldable front cylinder and seat tube. The collapsed outline estimates only 29″ inches x 30″ inches x 34″ inches, and the collapsed bundle is rollable so you can just truck it into more modest spaces. No requirement for lifting. In the event that you disapprove of parking spots, this bicycle is intended for you!

The Worksman Port-O-Trike Electric Bike includes a choke and pedal-help so you can decide to expand the reach or drive easily. The bicycle accompanies a contort choke so you can ride it like a bike. The front-wheel-drive arrangement guarantees that the ride is smooth and proficient.

This bicycle accompanies premium parts including the three-speed back center, a bunch of US hand-fabricated spoked, twofold walled edges, back liner brake, and a shading dashboard screen. There is additionally a metal crate that accommodates your sack, food, or your pet.

The Worksman Port-O-Trike is an attractive electric bicycle highlighting a low advance through the outline and a bunch of 20-inch spoked edges that gives an exemplary touch to its cutting edge plan. There is a wide cushioned seat and a discretionary smaller than normal backrest to add solace to the ride.

This bicycle is intended for getting around the city and for the everyday drive. It is additionally ideally suited for arriving at spots and going to work, school, or doing tasks, making the Worksman Port-O-Trike Electric Trike the ideal bicycle for versatility and utility.

Appreciate Worry-Free Commute with this Stylish Three-Wheel Electric Bike!

Do you require a solid electric bicycle for your everyday drive? Assuming you need a city bicycle intended for metropolitan spaces, the Worksman Port-O-Trike PT3CB is intended for you. It includes a delightful low edge that folds into a minimized bundle that isn’t found in numerous other three-wheel bicycles. Presently you can wheel the bicycle into more modest spaces and generally approve of stopping.

Have no issue getting to your objective. The Port-O-Trike accompanies a 48-volt, 500-watt electric engine that can put out a limit of 750 watts, so you can move on harsh streets and bicycle on soil ways to cut your drive. It has sufficient force for its three-wheeled casing and conveying limit. The engine is introduced inside the front wheel center point for productivity and mechanical dependability. This three-wheeler can clock up to 15 miles each hour.

The bicycle has a scope of around 18 miles, so it tends to be utilized for driving and won’t lose power midway. This electric bicycle accompanies three wheels for amazing security, making it ideal for grown-ups and seniors who need a simple and extremely safe bicycle. Presently you don’t need to stress over adjusting or falling over. The three-wheeled plan additionally makes it ideal for conveying stuff. There is an extensive freight box on the back. Utilize the bicycle to ship around stuff, convey freight for business purposes, or make conveyances in the city.

Stacked with Modern Tech

The Worksman Port-O-Trike PT3CB is controlled by a 48-volt lithium-particle battery load with a 10 ampere/hour limit, which gives sufficient capacity to the engine, particularly when conveying stuff. The bicycle charges to full in four hours, so you can charge for a little while to expand the reach.

The bicycle accompanies choke and pedal help, front caliper, and back napkin brakes, and upstanding handlebars. There is a multi-work shading screen that shows significant data like speed, distance voyaged, and the battery. You will very much want to ride it consistently, and it is ideal for the everyday drive and going to the market, shops, parks, and far off spots

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  • Motor: 500w Direct-Drive Hub Motor (6-bolt ISO disc brake compatible)
  • Power: 500-750w peaks
  • Wheel: USA Hand-Built Wheel w/ Heavy Duty Double-Walled/Eyeletted Rim & Steel Spokes
  • Hub Weight: 14 pounds
  • Warranted: 1 Year
  • Speed: Top Speed 15MPH Forward and 3MPH Reverse--note never go more than 10MPH *Rider weight, rider input,terrain, battery/motor combination contingent.
  • Charging Time: 4hrs
  • Range; 10- 20 Miles With Normal Pedaling (Rider Weight, Rider Input And Riding Conditions Contingent)
  • Throttle; Twist Grip Throttle On Handlebars
  • Battery Lithium 10ah 48v With LED Battery Life Indicator And Built In Led Tailight
  • Brakes; Front Hand Caliper Brake And Rear Coaster (Foot) Brakes
  • Wheel Size; 20"
  • Handlebars; 25" Wide, 9 " High
  • Basket : Large Cargo 21 X 14.5 X 9"
  • Rider Weight Limit & Size: 225 Lbs, Rider Size Limit 4'-8" To 6'
  • Saddle: Wide Comfort Saddle, 12 Inches Wide X 12.5 Inches Long
  • Frame: Frame Low Step Through (Unisex), Foldable For Easy Storage

Dimensions Folded 29W x 30"H x 34"L

Assembly: Front Wheel is pre-assembled onto the fork. Same assembly as standard Port-o-trike. (Front Fork, Handlebars, Seat, Basket and pedals must be installed). See our video on the Port-o-trike page for assistance with assembly.

  • Rider Weight Limit & Size: 225 Lbs, Rider Size Limit 4'-6" To 6'
  • Saddle: Extra Wide Comfort Saddle, 12 Inches Wide X 12.5 Inches Long
  • Frame: Frame Low Step Through (Unisex), Foldable For Easy Storage
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