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BEST 500 48V/12.5Ah 500W Folding Electric Trike


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Have a dependable day-by-day driver and a ride for open-air recreation with the PFIFF Scooter Trike L Recumbent Electric Trike! This flawless three-wheeler accompanies an incredible engine and another supine plan to assist you with exploring metropolitan streets without any problem. Prostrate bicycles are ergonomic in plan and thusly more agreeable and pragmatic. Since the PFIFF Scooter Trike L has three wheels, it is extremely simple to ride in a prostrate situation without stressing about falling over. The Scooter Trike L Electric Trike can make a trip from 27 to 37 miles on a solitary charge, so you can be more able and have a dependable ride for the everyday schedule. It is among the best electric trikes bicycles you can purchase. This electric street bicycle is ideally suited for understudies, mothers and fathers going to work, and metropolitan tenants.

The Scooter Trike L Recumbent Electric Trike accompanies an incredible Ansmann 250-watt electric center engine with a five-level pedal help. It is a smaller supine bicycle that fits through standard entryways, and is the ideal ride for city driving and riding on soil ways. The engine is introduced inside the front wheel center, which enjoys the benefits of being precisely less complex yet gives force straightforwardly ground. This engine plan likewise additionally shields the engine from the components. The PFIFF Scooter Trike L Electric Trike is accessible in a delightful blue shading plan.

Numerous riders love the unrivaled security and convenience of three-wheel electric bicycles. Having three wheels on the ground implies you have fewer stresses overbalance when riding. You can essentially ride and pedal your way of tutoring or work. Likewise, for the three-wheel plan, the PFIFF Scooter Trike L has a prostrate plan, a back safeguard, and a standard seat that upholds the back that makes for a truly agreeable ride. Thusly, you can utilize it to drive and feel less drained trekking.

In case you are searching for a comfortable bicycle that you can use as a day-by-day ride, get the PFIFF Scooter Trike L Electric Three Wheel Bike! It is an ideal bicycle on the off chance that you do a great deal of walking and convey a ton of stuff. Contrasted with vehicles, electric bicycles are more advantageous for movement and will get you there quicker. The city streets are loaded with shocks like potholes and stopped traffic, and you frequently need to go rough terrain to cut time in your drive. Accordingly, you should have a fit electric bicycle with first-class parts to manage those things.

The PFIFF Scooter Trike L Three Wheel Bike can be utilized for recreation and utility. It is outfitted with a choke and savvy pedal help, so you can decide to travel easily or moderate the battery. It has an inconceivable scope of up to 37 miles, so an ideal bicycle won’t lose charge partially through your drive. Get around traffic and meander the city. Buy the PFIFF Scooter Trike L Recumbent E Trike here at Electric Bike Paradise!

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  • Fits through standard doorways
  • Differential transmission for secure handling
  • Anticorrosive powder coating
  • Linear-pul rim brake/parking brake
  • Coaster brake
  • Adjustable steering position
  • Hub dynamo
  • Halogen headlamp
  • Headlamp with parking light optional
  • LED rear light with parking light
  • Alloy rims / stainless steel spokes
  • Double-wall rim
  • Shopping basket backward
  • Standard fork
  • Seat position with suspension
  • Reflecting tires
  • Asermann electric motor 9 Ah
  • Internal 5 speed with coaster brake and reverse gears
  • Battery Amp 9AH
  • Battery Voltage 36 Volts
  • Motor 250W
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