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Anywhere Bikes 36V/10.4Ah 500W Step-Through Electric Trike AT-93


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Go anyplace and get things done you love with the Anywhere Bikes Electric Trike! This wonderful electric three-wheel bicycle is painstakingly designed for maturing riders who are regularly quick to ride bicycles for portability and exercise. The Electric Trike accompanies a worked-on plan and an easy-to-understand bicycle outline that is exceptionally simple to work, and you can utilize it for driving or for recreation.

You will without a doubt very much want to ride this bicycle with its progression through outline that is easy to ride. It weighs just around 50 lbs, making it lighter than other electric three-wheelers out there and along these lines making it easy to pedal. It is among the best electric bicycles available to be purchased today. This suburbanite electric bicycle is ideal for understudies, mothers, and fathers going to work, and metropolitan occupants.

The Anywhere Bikes Electric Trike is among the not very many bicycles made for seniors. It accompanies three wheels for a steady ride and accompanies the incredible Bafang 500-watt center engine, which has sufficient force and forced to climb uphill. The bicycle accompanies a 24-inch front tire and 20-inch back tires, so it is agreeable and gives satisfactory hold. The engine is introduced inside the front wheel center, which enjoys the benefits of being precisely basic and shields the engine from the components. The Anywhere Bikes Electric Trike is accessible in a wonderfully dark tone.

The Anywhere Bikes Electric Trike accompanies an exemplary advance through bicycle outline that is simple for fledglings and riders searching for an agreeable drive. It accompanies sea shore cruiser-style handlebars that won’t tire the arms and hands. The bicycle is easy to ride and you can serenely ride it even with next to no pedal help. Partake in the ride with its elements like a front fork suspension, double plate brakes, and level riser handlebars. You will cherish utilizing this bicycle for doing tasks or going to work or school.

The Anywhere Bikes Electric Trike is exceptional for the street. For a reasonable electric bicycle, it accompanies front plate brakes for dependable control and superb halting force. Since it is a bicycle, you can utilize it on bicycle paths, back streets, and on void, walkways to stay away from city traffic. It is an ideal decision for clients who need to drive without the problem of driving on blocked streets. Besides being a speedy vehicle, this electric bicycle has zero outflows, so it is a greener, environmentally amicable option in contrast to vehicles.

The bicycle has a choke and pedal-help, so you can decide to ride with little exertion or utilize the pedals for more reach. It can make a trip up to 28 miles on a solitary charge, so an ideal day-by-day driver won’t lose charge mostly in your drive. Keep away from city traffic to get to your objective rapidly, buy the Anywhere Bikes Electric Trike Electric Bike here at Electric Bike Paradise!

The Anywhere Bikes Electric Trike is appropriate for grown-ups and for any individual who needs a very much planned at this point reasonable ride for the roads. It has the ageless seashore cruiser plan and three wheels for unrivaled soundness and an agreeable ride. The bicycle accompanies premium Kenda tires and a spring-upheld seat that ingests shocks on hard surfaces.

The Anywhere Bikes Electric Trike accompanies a 500-watt center engine connected to the front wheel, which offers a streamlined and precisely dependable plan. Anticipate that the bike should effectively climb uphill/It has a maximum velocity of 14.5 mph (23.33 kilometers each hour), contingent upon the heaviness of the rider and the territory.

Go anyplace with this bicycle! The Electric Trike has a solitary energized scope of 28 miles (45 kilometers), so it has sufficient charge to endure for the duration of the day. You can securely utilize it to go to work or school and afterward return home. The bicycle is furnished with a 10.4 amp/hour battery pack.

The Anywhere Bikes Electric Trike accompanies a thumb choke so you travel and accelerate easily out and about. It is additionally outfitted with a three-level pedal help that makes accelerating more agreeable and works on the perseverance of the bicycle. This model additionally accompanies a Shimano derailleur.

It is a solid ride for ordinary use, highlighting a climate confirmation aluminum composite edge that won’t rust. The Anywhere Bikes Electric Trike accompanies a 24-inch front haggle inch on the back, in addition to a double spring upheld seat. The bicycle likewise has a front circle brake for better control out and about. It is agreeable to ride out and about

The Anywhere Bikes Electric Trike is a smart electric bicycle, including an excellent present-day look with a stage-through outline, seashore cruiser handlebars, and steel-spoked edges. The bicycle accompanies a metal bin on the front and a bigger crate on the back where you can put enormous things.

This electric bicycle is a sharp ride and planned from the ground up to be a dependable everyday drive. Presently have the opportunity to get around the traffic and will work or school quicker than expected. The Anywhere Bikes Electric Trike is ideally suited for driving and ordinary portability.

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  • Battery:  36V 10.4Ah Lithium Battery
  • Battery Box: Aluminum black
  • Motor: 36V500W Bafang brand motor
  • Charger:  CE listed Smart Charger, Cuts off when fully charging 6-8 hours(2A)
  • Controller sensor: 36V15Ah Water-Proof Socket
  • Display: Big stone C300S LCD with the speed, range, battery capacity showing
  • Throttle: Thumb & Peddle Assist Mode
  • Front rear light:  Front and Rear LED lights
  • Frame: Aluminum - alloy
  • Fork: Suspensions Springs
  • Handle bar: Aluminum -alloy, black Fuax Leather
  • Stem: Aluminum -alloy
  • Grip: Black Fuax Leather
  • Saddle:  Black Fuax Leather with Back Rest
  • Rear bag: For storage - Optional
  • Front basket: Aluminum -alloy
  • Brake: Shimano
  • Derailleur: Shimano 7 speed
  • Rims: F:24"
  • Spokes: anti-rust
  • Front hub: Aluminum
  • Rear Hub: Aluminum
  • Tires: Kenda tire
  • Mudguard: Aluminum -alloy
  • Chain: KMC anti-rust
  • Length: 61"
  • Speed: Max 14.5 MPH
  • Max Weight: 400 LBS
  • Range: 20 miles
  • Weight: 50 lbs
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